Breaking news: People like people who are nice.

Conversion Marketing with Ian Lurie “Lessons in Twitter community building, by Kevin Hillstrom

Great article. And the book it’s a review of, HIllstrom’s Hashtag Analytics, sounds like a good read (I’m going to pick it up eventually).

But here is the thing. The author of the review shares some exciting data from the book. 

Even answering someone’s tweet makes them more likely to participate. Folks who get their tweets answered will engage—participate again—41% of the time.

That compares to about 6% of the time if someone tweets once or twice, retweets and then is gone.

So, even if they don’t retweet you, respond to folks if you want them to stick around.

I see this time and time again. And it is exciting. But what strikes me is how…we already know it. I think most social media boils down do a couple things we all know:

  • People like people who are nice. If you share, and are generous, people will like you.
  • People like people that listen to them. If you listen to people, and show you are listening, people will respond favorably.
  • People like to be appreciated. When someone does something nice for you, thank them. When someone teaches you something new, thank them, and share that knowledge. When someone does something you admire, complement them.

These are all things we know. We learned them on the playground, in our homes, classes, and work places. I think the real lesson to learn is not to that “People like people who are nice.” But that customers, consumers, clients….are people. And guess what? Companies (through social media) are people too.

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